What is camping and car camping. What is the difference between camping and tourism?

What is camping and car camping. What is the difference between camping and tourism?

Camping – what is it? The word camping itself is translated from English as camping in an open-air camp. In a broader sense, campsites are both places for tourists to rest and organized parking for a comfortable stay in the open. Also, camping means not only a place, but also a form of relaxation, the essence of which is to stay away from the city limits, in the lap of nature.

Thus, the differences from tourism are that the purpose of tourism is to overcome an interesting route, and parking is only part of the “program”. And camping is a settled rest in a camp with equipped living conditions. Sometimes tourism and camping can be combined: the participants of the trip overcome the path to stay in a picturesque place and spend some time there overnight.

Types of Camping

From maximum comfort to extreme relaxation This type of outdoor leisure is classified into several types:

  • Hiking with camping. That is, a group of people travels along a specific route, and for tents or overnight camps.
  • Active camping. The goal is only active pastime, for example, a bike ride, a kayak ride, etc., and parking serves only to restore strength.
  • Social Camping – a campsite camp for recreation based on common interests. It can be tourist gatherings, club meetings, corporate camps, etc.
  • Survival campsites are camp setups with a minimum of amenities to learn wildlife survival skills.
  • Auto camping Separately, it is worth considering car camping’s. What is auto camping? Camping is an organized area for those who travel by car. Usually, the owners of the sites provide access to the benefits of civilization: water supply, shower, toilets, organized garbage collection, laundry, etc. The longer the maximum stay in the campsite, the more amenities are usually provided.

What Is Necessary for Camping

So, we have already figured out what camping is. The thing remains for what to take with you in order to equip life. The subjects of first need are:

  • Tent. It would be better if it was a special camping tent – with several compartments, storage conditions (hooks, hangers, vestibule, etc.), the ability to install a flashlight, insect nets, etc.
  • Sleeping bag or camping kit including a blanket and pillow.
  • Mat in the tent. The best choice is a durable self-inflating mattress, but you can use ordinary karemat.
  • First aid kit.
  • Flashlight with a powerful battery;
  • Towels and hygiene items.
  • Knives, dishes and cooking utensils – gas burner, barbecue, grill, pot, etc.
  • An additional set of clothes, a stock of socks and linen.

If you are using electronic gadgets, you must have a charged power bank with you. Other things are already a matter of personal discretion. So, if you wish, you can take a camping tablecloth, folding tables and chairs, a radio, etc.