I Love Pakistan or My Motherland or My Country Pakistan

General Description

Individuals likes to live in a network like other living things since it is social creature. Being a social creation, human lives unique in relation to other living things. They like to have well-understood family, outfitted home, vehicle and lead glad life. People try to live in concordance with their kindred creatures. They love the network and nation where their family and the individuals live. The country is their family and the nation is country. Accordingly, the most dominant enthusiasm, regard and love of a man happens with his nation and characteristic item.

Love with Country

I love Pakistan since it has given me each this which I have. It is my nation, country and its affection is my blood and soul. This nation has instructed me, bolstered me and shielded me from all limitations. It has given me all that it has. This is the place that is known for my ancestor and who additionally adored it. It is my tribal country and every last bit of its dirt is rich with our perspiration and blood. Their bone are covered here. They have become a piece of this land. It is generally valuable and hallowed for me. I love it with my substance.

Atmospheres of Pakistan

Pakistan is an endowment of Al Might Allah for us in this world and its dirt of Pakistan is loaded with regular assets. Aside from this, Pakistan has four seasons which is a one of a kind endowment of Allah for example summer, winter, harvest time and spring. Atmospheres of Pakistan stays generally excellent everywhere throughout the year.

Area of Pakistan

Pakistan isn’t only a real estate parcel to me. It is situated in the significant and deliberately appropriate corner of the world. Pakistan is one of a kind in its shape from all world. It is a little nation yet it has the most minimal and most noteworthy spots of the world.

One of a kind Assets

Pakistan is our past, present and our future. It is another state in the political sense yet truly, it is a huge number of years old Indus valley human advancement. It is the land, light and mansion of Islam. My kin have lived here for quite a long time. Lamentably, a remote country vanquished this reasonable land. They kept it and its relative subjugation for a long time. Its kin had from the beginning been battling to free their country.


The individuals and administration of Pakistan have offered extraordinary penances for the sure of this country. Each trickle of its residue is hued with the blood of our precursors. We have addressed an extraordinary cost for it and we as a whole are prepared to follow through on significantly more noteworthy cost for its opportunity, in the event that it is essential. This is our nation and our country. It is the most attractive of all grounds for us.


Pakistan is a valuable and important endowment of Al Mighty Allah. By and by, it faces numerous difficulties looking like psychological oppression, remote and inward difficulties. We should shield it from all kind of difficulties and love it by contributing with their difficult work, genuineness and trustworthiness.

My name is Muhammad Ishaq. I have done my M.A (Master of Arts in Persian) from University of Peshawar. I am composing articles for schools, school and college understudies.

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