Complete Details Information About Hiking

Complete Details Information About Hiking

Of all the types of tourism, the most informative and interesting is hiking. It gives tourists the opportunity to spend their holidays in the most beautiful corners of nature. Away from the city noise, the tourist has a unique opportunity to watch the wildlife, here you can relax both body and soul. But in order to reach such unknown corners of nature, a tourist has to carry everything necessary on his own back.

What is hiking?

As one of the types of tourism, hiking is the most active type of recreation, which includes cross-country movement of varying complexity. It can be forests, fields, mountains. Today, there are hiking organizations around the world. The health benefits of such trips are obvious.

Features of the organization of such tourism

 Departure on such tours is organized in the same way as in any other sports direction. A person buys a place in a particular tour, or negotiates with the host, for example, a tourist base on their own. Then he submits a standard package of documents to the consulate of his own city, the visa center.

 In fact, he provides only financial documents, passports, copies of tickets, as well as an insurance policy with a coverage of 30,000 euros, which takes into account the increased risks associated with his chosen direction.

If a special organization deals with this issue, the documents are transferred directly to it, and all subsequent actions to ensure the departure are taken upon itself. With proper paperwork, the review period for such a tour will be up to 10 days. After that, the person will be notified of the result, and if he is positive, he will be able to go on a trip of interest to him.

Equipment and gear

The necessary equipment and equipment primarily depends on the duration of the trip in time, season and on what terrain the tourist route passes. A tourist’s backpack usually contains the required amount of food, water and essentials.

List of essential items for a tourist

1. Compass or GPS. Due to technical progress, GPS navigators were successfully used instead of compasses. This electronic device is a good substitute for the compass, but if it fails (the battery runs out), the tourist may have some problems, which cannot happen to the compass.

2. Sunglasses.

3. Sunscreen.

4. Flashlight.

5. Matches or lighter.

6. Jacket.

7. The knife.

8. First aid kit.

9. Insect repellents.

10. Sleeping bag.

11. The pot.

Some tourists like to argue that long lists of items during multi-day trips significantly increase the weight of the backpack, which leads to fatigue and the possibility of injury. Such travelers recommend minimizing the weight of the backpack, as it is easier to travel on foot with less weight behind your back.

Benefits of Hiking

  • Affordable price . When traveling on foot, you save an impressive amount on travel. In addition, you can sleep in a tent in the open air, eat in non-tourist places – a great opportunity to see the world literally for a penny.
  • Cognitive . To know the spirit of a city or country, it is not enough to see their main attractions. After all, the main flavor is in residential areas, in bazaars, in cafes and restaurants where local residents eat. You can go off hiking trails and admire the area in its true guise, observe nature, relax your soul.
  • Freedom of choice . Hiking does not bind you to the schedule of airplanes, trains or trains. You can change your route at any time, linger in the places you like, visit sights that were not included in the original plan.
  • Simplicity . Hiking in many aspects is easier than other types of travel. So, crossing the border on foot is much faster than by car. And, living in a tent, you do not have to leave it at 12 noon, like a hotel room.

Disadvantages Of Hiking

  • Lack of comfort . Of course, traveling in an airplane or car seat is more comfortable than traveling “on your own.” And the hotel room, whatever one may say, is more convenient than a tent. But if you are not picky in terms of amenities – this is not a problem at all.
  • Physical fitness . Hiking requires a certain level of physical fitness. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, move a little and practically do not run, get tired on the first day.
  • Weatherproofing . Every tourist wants to be warm and sunny during his trip. But, if rain is even more or less acceptable for car and bus tours, then a few hours on foot in the cold and in heavy rain is a very dubious pleasure.
  • Despite the shortcomings, hiking is a healthy lifestyle and a unique opportunity to see the most interesting places on our planet, while spending very little money.