The Village of Postira Croatia

 The Village of Postira Croatia

Postira may appear some other little angling town on the island of Brac, however this waterfront safe house has gotten one of the principle attractions on the island for some, remarkable reasons.

Brac is the biggest islands in the focal Dalmatian district of Croatia and Postira is explicitly situated on its northern coast. Postira is a brilliant portrayal of a curious Dalmatian town washed with slender avenues, little houses, green knolls and old vineyards. Ruling its horizon is the Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist. Nowadays, the town is additionally populated by different inns; quaint little inns; and private lofts to oblige the developing number of travelers who are tricked to the town’s appeal and serene excellence.

Postira is honored with a long history, which goes right back to the fourteenth century. Indeed, even today, you can discover structures and leftovers that fill in as tokens of the genuine age of the town. At the point when you go to the town port, you can’t miss the column of stone houses that used to be properties of well off families in Brac. The Palace Lazanic is among these striking structures. The house was likewise the home of Vladimir Nazor, an observed Croatian writer.

The town’s tranquil valleys and dazzling narrows establish a long term connection with any individual who goes to Postira. The individuals here are known for their amicability and friendliness; attributes that certainly help make a vital excursion. At the core of town, foundations like a fish showcase, butcher shops, post office, cafés, shops and bistros invite new and bringing visitors back. “Pink Panther’, “Scanner tag” and “Laman” are only a portion of the bars and cafés that have become famous in the town.

Unmistakable inns in the zone are additionally outfitted with their own bars. On the off chance that you discover a café with your favored feeling and value extend, don’t stop for a second to arrange some conventional Dalmatian nourishment! Subsequent to having that truly necessary unwinding time; draw in yourself in outside exercises accessible at Postira, for example, sailing, biking, climbing and other well known water sports.

One of the town’s numerous advantages is its nearness to ravishing sea shores and flawless coves ideal for swimming and unwinding. One of the fundamental sea shores to investigate close to town is the stone sea shore called Hele. Different sea shores you ought to consider visiting incorporate Zalo, Molo Lozna, Rat, Vrilo, Prja and Zastivanje. On the off chance that you need to invest energy in a sandy sea shore, simply head out a couple of kilometers from the town legitimate to find Lovrecina, one of the most well known sea shores on the island. This sea shore has likewise gotten a most loved among returning guests due to its offices, which incorporate a sea shore bar, café and volleyball courts.

You can discover Postira only 8 kilometers from the principle town of Supetar. To arrive at the island of Brac, you can take one of the many ship administrations from the terrain that movement to the island. The excursion takes about 60 minutes. Postira can be visited all year, yet its most merry season is without a doubt summer, when people from all over come to make the most of its warm climate and sea shores. In pre-winter, the vineyards and olive forests all around become extra occupied with towns attempting to get an abundant gather. Right now, Postira likewise encounters a flood of biological the travel industry.


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